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Re: here we go again (the ageless question)

2/14/2001 8:51 PM
David Warren
Re: here we go again (the ageless question)
As others have suggested, Warmoth is a good source and they have been making guitar necks and bodies for many years. They have lots of satisfied customers. You might also try Boogie Body Products. Their web site: The owner used to be partners with Wayne Charvel (Charvel Guitars), and I think we can obviously conclude that they made the bodies and necks for Charvels (this was the great USA-made stuff from many years ago). These folks make a Strat style neck and body ($195 for the pair), which are matched to they will "mate" well. If you source a neck one place and a body somewhere else, you had better have some guitar-building or repair skills, as either the neck or neck pocket will have to be modified. (I know from personal experience.) I am not in favor of shaving a neck. The Boogie Body necks are maple, with either a rosewood or maple board, and the most common body type is alder. I think they also have korina. Some options are available, too, as far as body routing. They also sell pickguards, hardware, etc. Good luck.

bukowski Thanks Dave!Have you yourse... -- 2/15/2001 3:51 PM