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Re: Help - good sounding humbucker for strat

2/14/2001 4:01 PM
David Warren
Re: Help - good sounding humbucker for strat
That midrange "honk" you describe is what I most detest with some Strat pickups. Some manufacturers seem to brag about a mid boost with their pickups. Most Strats have enough midrange naturally. Try this website: Bill Lawrence, who has probably been making and designing pickups as long as anybody still living, sells two Strat type humbuckers. One uses polepieces and another uses blades. His blade pickups sell for $36.00 each, and reportedly are as good or better than Bardens that sell for over $125 each. The stacked coil polepiece versions sell for only $40 each. So, it won't break the bank to try one. I used to own a Zion guitar, with a maple neck and basswood body. It had Virtual Vintage pickups in the neck and mid positions, and a Duncan Lil' 59 in the bridge. I liked that Duncan Lil' 59 and I believe it is not as mid-rangy as the JB Jr., but that's only an opinion. A friend of mine used the Lil' 59 on two different guitars because he though it sounded better overall than the JB Jr.