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Re: Pickups for Les Paul

1/23/2001 2:59 PM
Re: Pickups for Les Paul
I just bought a used LP Studio Lite and I was told it had the original pups in it (496R and 500T). Unfortunately, I don't have any humbucker equipped guitars to compare it to except a late 80's Kramer Strat copy with an EMG 81 in the bridge. The Gibson pups are pretty hot and have quite a bit of midrange. The EMG defintely has a "less muddy" bottom end but the '81 usually has a cleaner sounding bottom end than other passive humbuckers I've compared it to (which ain't many but included the Duncan Custom and the Carvin sandard humbucker). To be honest, I kinda like the 500T in the bridge but the 496R doesn't quite have the clarity I like. I've ordered a Dimarzio Norton for the bridge and a PAF Pro for the neck. Soon as I get 'em in I'll report back.

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