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previous: bill m. '83 Tele help ? -- 12/14/2000 4:53 AM View Thread

Re: '83 Tele help?

12/14/2000 8:34 AM
Steve A.
Re: '83 Tele help?
    My USA Tele from the early 80's came with the ashtray style bridge but I replaced it with a heavy plate bridge with individual saddles. Your post has me wondering why the saddles on my strats and teles DON'T slide around...   ;)    
    Maybe you can remove one of the saddles and examine the set screws: what does the bottom of the set screw look like? I just looked at one of the stock saddles from my Fernandez strat and the bottom of the set screw was dimpled, with a concave indentation that might be there to keep it from slipping around. (This strat started breaking the high E-strings really bad so I got a set of graphite saddles... really nice once they break in. With the old saddles removed I could see how the chrome was peeling off, causing a rough edge that was cutting my strings. I guess I could have swapped the saddles around, using the bad saddle for the low E string but I like having the graphite saddles. They did buzz a bit for the first day or two...)  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola