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Re: Black Ice?

12/13/2000 6:47 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Black Ice?
Welcome newbies, and yes this HAS been discussed here before. As far as anyone here knows, what is likely inside of the little black block are a pair of Schottky diodes, which I gather have an even lower clipping threshold than germaniums, making it possible to clip the guitar signal without the need for a booster stage and all the power requirements and other componentry that implies.  
The 26 bucks is probably because they *SELECT* diodes with a useful clipping threshold (Diodes of the same class - Ge, Si, etc. - can vary within a range. Ge diodes can vary from a clipping threshold of under 200mv to well over 350mv, Si from under 450mv to over 700mv.), and have to pay for the molding, the shipping, the accountant, the ads, the instructional brochures included in the package, etc., and make a profit. The retailer, in turn, has to pay employees, taxes, heat and lights, yadda, yadda, and also still make a profit.  
It may *seem* like a much greater cost than the parts would warrant, but I can assure you these folks are not retiring from the proceeds anytime soon. You may be able to buy a Poo-Chi for only a little bit more, but I strongly doubt whether sales of the Black Ice for all of North America for year 2000 would yield the revenue that Poo-chi sales for Milwaukee in December will yield.  
Having said that, when you can make stuff yourself, you cut out an awful lot of middlemen (and sometimes they ARE an *awful* lot). Over time, you'll find that hanging out here is much like getting discount coupons in the mail.

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