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Re: Guitar Cable Length

11/29/2000 3:01 PM
Mark Hammer
Re: Guitar Cable Length
Depends what you're playing, and playing into. You may have noticed that there are many contexts where dickering with the sliders for anything about 8khz on an equalizer do little, if anything, to the tone, simply because the signal source doesn't provide that content, or the speaker can't reproduce it. Similarly, if your intent is to sound crystalline like Mark Knopfler, I would be reluctant to use anything much longer than 12 feet, unless I had some sort of active or transformer buffering on my guitar (or in some sort of in-line module very close to the output of my guitar). Conversely, if you play with a bucker-equipped Supro into a 4x12 cab with the treble rolled down for maximum grunt, go with a 25 or 50 footer with my blessing.  
Whatever you do, steer clear of the coiled cables that were a mainstay in the 60's. Tonal yecchh!  
Just as an aside, Electronic Musician had a project a couple of years back, detailing how to make a fibre optic guitar cable and accompanying interface at the guitar and other end. In theory this would allow you to run cables at lengths that would have made the late Albert Collins jealous (the "Iceman" was famous for having a cable that was long enough to let him stroll out of the club, onto the street, and still keep playing), since there wuld be NO cable capacitance effect, and virtually zero signal loss at any length applicable to concert musicians. The only problem with such a cable is that it would be thin, not easily seen by bar patrons or by the player themselves, and have the consistency of 30lb test fishing line. Still, if you wanted to route very long lengths of sound-carrying cable around a house with all manner of electromagnetic fields to challenge the very best shielding, fibre optic cable is the way to go.

Eric H [QUOTE]In theory this would allow y... -- 11/29/2000 3:30 PM
Matthew Springer Watch ut for weird input stages, though -- 11/30/2000 9:45 PM