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Re: Replacement-PU's for Strat....

10/27/2000 7:47 PM
Sam B
Re: Replacement-PU's for Strat....
Oh yeah. This was about pickups! I'll keep it short. I have three different Strats with Fralin Vintage Hots in them. Any hotter than that and you lose the high end that I love. Just put a vintage Fralin in my Tele and I love it. Strat set is Neck- 6.0 Middle-6.0 RWRP Bridge 7.1. I'll tell you something real weird. I was about to put my fourth set in another Strat ( standard procedure now) a 1997 Maple/ Ash American Standard. When I got it home and played it side by side with my Fralin equipped Strats, it was just too close to spring for another set. I have another AS 1993 with stock pickups that just suck. I'm keeping it original because my son was born that year and I want him to have it. The 97 has the no load set up. Must have done something different on those pickups, I actually like them and have the money to replace them. Guess I got lucky. Guess that wasn't too short :D  

Thorsten Hi Sam,Yep, this post was a... -- 10/27/2000 8:14 PM