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Re: Question about EMG Pickups

10/12/2000 12:17 PM
Re: Question about EMG Pickups
Hi, John. I haven't tried selects, but have heard they aren't too good. Plus, if I'm not mistaken, EMG did not make these, they just had some design input.  
I have had several EMG-81's and I really like them a lot. My favorite active humbucking pickup. I tried the EMG-85, it was total junk to me (too thick sounding).  
The EMG-81 won't work well with a standard humbucker due to its output impedance (25K I think). You may need to either get another EMG or build a buffer to use a standard magnetic PU with the EMG.

John Fisher How would I possibly use it with an... -- 10/13/2000 4:57 AM