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Question about EMG Pickups

10/12/2000 5:48 AM
John Fisher
Question about EMG Pickups
I have a couple of different pickups that someone gave me.  
One is a "Select" by EMG. I've never tried it and was wondering if anyone had any comment on it. Is it any good? I looked in a catologe and noticed that it's pretty economical.  
I also have another "EMG -81" that is an active pickup. Any opinions?  
Thanks in advance for any comments.  
John Fisher

anonymous Stay away from the Selects. I tried... -- 10/12/2000 7:33 AM
MKB Hi, John. I haven't tried selects,... -- 10/12/2000 12:17 PM
Matt I have not listened to the Selects ... -- 10/12/2000 4:09 PM