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Rickenbacker bass pickup swap question...

10/4/2000 1:43 PM
Rickenbacker bass pickup swap question...
Hello all,  
I recently bought a 4001 with no bridge pickup in it. I happened to have an active EMG that fit, so... I threw it in there. Problem is, the two pickups do not blend together nicely. The output of the EMG is much higher, and if I use the select switch to use only the neck P/U, it's very very quiet. I think this is because of the mismatch in resistance of the two pickups?  
I also had to use 25K vol and tone pots for the EMG, where the neck P/U uses the original 500K and 250K. Could this have something to do with it?  
How could I remedy this? A buffer between the two pickups?  
P. S. The sound is great when I use a stereo cord and direct each pickup to it's own channel on my B-15; the problem is only there when I use one cord to one channel (mono).  

JaySG The EMG has a higher output because... -- 10/5/2000 6:46 PM