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previous: Bjorn Trace, thank you for responding. -- 12/10/2000 9:14 PM View Thread

Re: Solid state rectifier in a DR and a SR and 6L6/6V6

12/10/2000 11:24 PM
Re: Solid state rectifier in a DR and a SR and 6L6/6V6
"Trace, thank you for responding."
No thanks needed my friend :)  
"Well, when I bought the DR it was dead stock. However, I thought it was too weak and too little headroom. It is carefully modded (but possible to restore to stock specs with the original parts.)."
Does it sound better modded I assume? These are cool amps to tweak and there's a million mods for these! (ha, ha)  
[QUOTE]The plate voltages (pin 3) are:  
6L6/BIAS 36 mA/436V  
6V6/BIAS 30 mA/444V[/QUOTE]  
6L6's can certainly take 436V without a problem. 444V may or may not be dancing on the edge for 6V6's. What kind of 6V6's do you have in there? I know the Sovtek's can take 450V without much of a sweat at all. Many of the older 6V6's are not all that happy with that voltage (in my experience anyway). Most NOS 6V6's are pretty happy in and around 350V or so. I'm sure some other Ampager's will pop in with some advice.  
Happy Holidays!  
Let me know how you make out  

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