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Re: Torres Dual marshall kit

11/1/2000 9:55 PM
Re: Torres Dual marshall kit
"Which is the best biasing method to install? Dan has always been very cool and helpful to me"
The word "best" lends itself to opinion and when it comes to opinions there can be no right or wrong persay.  
If it were me (which it's not) I would look at the schematics of your favorite amplifiers and I'll wager that you'll find lots of similarities. Different biasing methods also lens itself to different tones. So "best" is very hard to define. I'd dig out the schematics and compare the biasing circuits and go from there.  
Basically, try them all and see which one you end up liking the most. Again, tweak, tweak, tweak,'s the best way to learn.  
I've a couple phone calls with Torres Engineering and they are certainly very helpful when it comes to free info. There's also a reason for that (just my opinion of course)...the info is usually not all that great (specifically Torres Engineering mind you)...this is not directed twords any other companies.