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Re: Brown/white showman...OT

2/24/2001 7:00 PM
Re: Brown/white showman...OT
I think brown tolex only appeared on Fender combo amps, the white tolex was used on piggyback amps like the showman. None of the Showman had tube rectifiers. Check out for more info on fender amps.  
If it's a original cab, just in the wrong color, get it recovered when you get the cash, to restore it to the correct color, if you feel like it. Definately do or have done the necessary maintenance for a 35+ year old amp, such as replacing all the electrolytic capacitors.  
I agree with noah, don't replace the OT unless it doesn't work. If you have to, you can get replacement Showman OTs for about $90 or so.  
I've got a BF Showman, and I think it sounds great. The brownface ones sound a little different and have the presence knob.