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Re: Where can I buy an EV speaker?

2/24/2001 2:14 PM
Ray Ivers
Re: Where can I buy an EV speaker?
The EVM12S is my own favorite EV - it's got a shallow trumpet-shaped cone instead of the deeper straight cone of the 12L, and to my ear has about the same bass with a bit more low-mids and less high treble. I used to get mine from Music Dealer Service, but they've been out of business for some time now. Possibly ARS still carries them? Their number is (818) 997-6279.  
BTW - the Eminence high-end (letters of the Greek alphabet) line appears to be cloning well-known speakers, for much less money. The Delta Pro 12 cone looks exactly like a JBL E-120 cone/surround with a paper dust cap, and the Kappa Pro seems quite a bit like an EVM12S. As far as comparing sound to the real deal - just haven't had the time yet.  
Ray Ivers

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