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previous: aron Re: Hogy, I guess I *should* have said... -- 2/22/2001 8:48 PM View Thread

Well said...

2/22/2001 9:47 PM
Well said...
I guess that addresses the issue pretty well- I do look for more sax-like or 'violin' tones in general. The funny thing is I am sort of in the middle-I don't really need many tones, just clean and overdriven, so the multi-effects rack type stuff is overkill and sounds phoney to me. Its just that when I need clean, I need real clean(for jazz type stuff or funky rhythm). But when I play leads, I want singing smooth gain. For less dirt I just roll back the volume a touch. I can get those levels, crunch to lead, with the volume knob, but need seperate channels for clean. As to the tube screamer, I agree, they do sort of squash things a bit. I have found that a real nice pre-amp circuit like in the fuchs, bogner, budda superdrive, or carr amps can still retain big sound and clarity better than pedals into the front end thing. Having said that I have remained quite interested in the Aiken invader and other boutique non-master amps, just to use on those more roots gigs where I don't need such distinctly different clean and dirty sounds. I guess what I really need is more money to buy many great amps!!