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Re: Correct way to calculate idle power

2/22/2001 8:58 PM
Re: Correct way to calculate idle power
"Remember that magnetic flux is the result of current flow in a transformer - not the voltage across the winding although they are related"  
Only sorta.  
Current flow is in direct proportion to the rate of voltage change. As to which came first, in an inductor, current lags voltage.  
"the idea is to produce as much power in the output tubes, current flow being the best determinant"  
Not really. Current flow in class A is max, power is min.  
"The maximum power is pretty much limited to how much current you can get to flow."  
This ignores the nature of the partial duty cycle of AB.  
IMO, It doesn't really matter a fig what anyone thinks, or how many esteemed authorities think something, if it's wrong. We're not talking aesthetics, we are talking about which model explains what we observe in the physical world.