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Re: Pages Supro model?

2/18/2001 12:37 AM
Ted Breaux
Re: Pages Supro model?
The "tiny Supro amp" (how he described it in his own words) Jimi used was just that....a small model, and clearly not one of the larger ones.  
Jimi owned (still does) and recorded with several Vox amps way back. He was always fond of AC30s, and this amp is in several of the early recordings. Jimi also owns a few Vox 7120 rigs, which are a ss preamp and UL tube power section. I used to own the 760, which is the virtually identical 60w version. These amps have a very distinctive sound, are very rare, and are very expensive when they do surface. I believe Jimi also owned a pair of Vox Virtuosos, which were tiny solid state amps made in the UK in the late '60s. Hendrix also owned a pair. These are also very hard to find.