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Help installing a 3-prong power cord

2/17/2001 10:08 PM
Help installing a 3-prong power cord
I've done a bit of electronic work...pickup installation and the like, but I'm not sure about this project. I want to install a 3-prong power cord on an old Premiere Reverb tank and my little Vibrochamp. A few basic questions that I have:  
1) My new 3-prong cords are black, white, and green. I know green is chassis ground. I'm not sure, when working with AC, which color is hot. My guess is: white is hot. How am I doing?  
2) On the reverb tank, one of the existing 2-prong leads goes to the on/off switch. The other goes to a black wire leading to the transformer. How do I tell which one is ground?  
3) What should I look for in the VC for hot and ground? I don't have the amp in front of me right now, as it is over at the rehearsal garage.  
Thanks much for any help you can give me.

Shea Black is hot, white is neutral (not... -- 2/17/2001 11:36 PM