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Re: Tone control idea for 5E3 Deluxe cloners

2/16/2001 2:12 AM
Dave B.
Re: Tone control idea for 5E3 Deluxe cloners
The Marshall / Tweed bassman volume controls don't interact the same as the tweed deluxe controls do. Look at both circuits and you'll see why.  
The tweed deluxe's extra volume control is really a one meg pot, a .1 cap, a 100k resistor, and a 16 - 20 uf cap to ground. If you take those components and build that circuit without the tube it should still work as a tone control; cutting or boosting mids.  
Here's an exerpt from a GW article that explains why you might want to keep both channels and get an A/B box:  
ãThis can he used to your advantage, especially if you have an A/B box. Set the normal channel all the way up and the instrument channel half way up. Use an A/B box to select between microphone and instrument channels.  
Hereâs what will happen: When you select the instrument channel, you will get a fabulous clean tone. Since the instrument volume is turned half way, you are not really overdriving the instrument channel that hard and since the microphone volume control is turned full up. you are scooping out the mids in the instrument channel. This gives YOU that ãbetter than blackface Twinä clean tone÷to die for.  
When you select the microphone channel (which is turned all the way up,) you will get a fabulous lead tone. For one thing, you will be overdriving the output stage and because the instrument channel is half way up, you will be boosting mids as much as possible. this results in a thick, creamy, cello-like tone with incredible sustain·ä