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Re: Tone control idea for 5E3 Deluxe cloners

2/15/2001 9:03 PM
Dave B.
Re: Tone control idea for 5E3 Deluxe cloners
Here's a snippet from a document on Neil Young's settings for his Tweed Deluxe that may help to explain this.  
The whizzer is a device that automatically changes the positions of the three knobs on Neil's amp. But notice the settings:  
"Here are Neil's Whizzer settings: For the highest volume, we have both the tone and the main volume on 12, and that second volume knob is at about 9.9.  
When it's really compressed and breahting and screaming, that's what's going on."  
Vol. 1 = 12 (guitar is plugged into this channel)  
Vol. 2 = 9.9 (this channel is used for tone control)  
With vol. 2 at 9.9 we're getting a mid boost this is no doubt Neil's fully cranked lead tone.  
"The next button down moves his volume to 10, which just cleans it up. It's still broken up, but it's less garbled. The third button sets his volume on 6 with that other volume still at 9.9 and the tone down just a little."  
Same as first setting but with less volume...  
"The fourth preset moves one volume to 3, the other volume to 0, and backs off the tone a bit; it's really bright and clean, almost country sounding."  
now the settings are:  
vol. 1 = 3  
vol. 2 = 0  
This setting would be what Gerald Webber described as "better than blackface" clean tone. Vol. 2 set at 0 produces the mid dip effect.  
The interactive volume controls give you many more possibilities than just a single volume control. It'd be great if we could get a few experts to chime in here and help us tweak this thing a bit.  
Hopefully yours,  

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