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2/14/2001 8:33 PM
i bought a modeling amp because i was tired of lugging a 100lb mark iv combo or my stack or my rack sytem to go jam. i thought a variety of tones and effects in one amp was a great idea so i went shopping. i tried them all: the johnson is way too digital even with no effects and the clean sucks, if you play heavy stuff, it will work though. the roland couldnt even capture the jc120 tones let alone those of other amps. the more expensive yamaha with the moving knobs rocked. i could back off the distortion and still get a good tone. it is very expensive though especially since it only has reverb. the crate one couldnt do anything right. i loved the crate td-70 (hybrid amp) when it came out and the blue vodoo was nice so i had high hopes, but it was lame. tech 21 is not bad but they dont sound anything like a tube amp ever to me. my friend had one of the first big line 6 amps and it was not bad. i played a line 6 flextone and was impressed by its ease of use. it sounded a little dark but its better when plugged into a cabinet (marshall 4x12). the flextone series was upgraded late last year so i found a brand new series one model for about $350 or so. i bought it. it doesnt sound like the amps it claims to me but ive gotten some really good tones from the rectified (mesa boogie dual rectifier) and the  
modern (soldano slo 100) settings. if you play heavy, itll more than work. if you play blues or country, ive never seen a solid state amp that will gives me those 'snap and pop' tones you get from a fender or even marshall but it is playable. i love its light weight and effect flexability. it makes going to a quick gig or a jam session much easier and i do get compliments on tone and volume. i use the line in to record in my apartment and it sounds really dark and bassy. i have to back off the bass and put on some high end in the mix. once you get the hang of it, its really useful and diverse. i can see myself using it for a long time. whenever i have a big gig or am recording in the studio. i always bring the 'real' stuff. theres no subtitute there. thats my opinion/review 'not' in a nutshell. hope it helps.

dave\\irongater New Fender shlop -- 2/14/2001 11:38 PM