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Vox Berkeley? - tangent from PA amp schem thread

2/14/2001 7:28 PM
D. Hiatt Collins
Vox Berkeley? - tangent from PA amp schem thread
Thanks for everyone's responses to the Bogen amp question- that tranny info was a real help. I'm now gearing up to rewire this Bogen CHB20A into something else, and I've come across the Vox Berkeley schematic on Ampage, which looks interesting. The Bogen amp (for those that haven't read the PA amp thread) uses 1-6EU7 (dual triode) and 2-6GW8 (triode and pentode)- so essentially I have the equivalent of 2-12AX7's and 2-EL84's to work with. Most of the usual Fenders, Marshalls, etc., use more tube stages than I have available, but the 5E3 Deluxe and Vox Berkeley look compatible with what I have. Here are some options:  
1) Rewire into a Vox Berkeley- the EL84 equivalents suggest a Voxy design.  
2) Rewire into a 5E3-ish amp with EL84 output... a double benefit because this project is practice for a 5E3 from scratch.  
3) Add a preamp tube to give me more leeway in design- maybe go for a Marshall or Hiwatt design. Half of me wants to embrace the limitations of what I have as a learning excercise, and the other wants to go for a lower-wattage version of a Marshall or Hiwatt.  
The PT looks about the same size as the one in my late-70's SF champ, so I have no idea if it could handle the addition of a 12AX7, for example. It's SS rectified, and the 6GW8's draw .66A of heater current each.  
Any ideas, thoughts, comments? Anyone familiar with a Vox Berkeley?