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AxSys212 better than flexitones?

2/14/2001 4:11 AM
AxSys212 better than flexitones?
I few years ago when the line 6's had come out, I went to try one out. Unfortunately all they had int he store was a flexitone 2 speaker combo (the one with the 4 memory setting).  
All I could seem to get out of it was a muddy sounding amp. Hooked it up to a Laney quad box and it brightened it up but it still sounded fairly ordinary.  
The store owner said that the AxSys212's were different sounded (actually said they were better sounding), and could get me one if IF I want to pre-purchase it. Well, there was no way I was going to lay down $2500 Oz for something I'd never heard. And being left less than impressed with the other amp, there was no way I was going to do that.  
What's everones take on this? Is there actually a difference? Is it better sounding?  
By better, I'm thinking that the marshall emulation sounds crunchy when cranked. To me it just sounded muddy on the flexitones  

Tom A better speaker can make a big difference -- 2/14/2001 7:31 PM
LD Re: AxSys212 better than flexitones? -- 2/19/2001 9:42 AM