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previous: drewl Re: Bogen output transformer? -- 2/13/2001 9:17 PM View Thread

Thanks, and more...

2/13/2001 10:00 PM
D. Hiatt Collins
Thanks, and more...
Thanks for the info, drewl.  
For the group's info, the CHB20A is a 20-watt (rated) PA amp using 1-6EU7 and 2-6GW8. The 6GW8's are a combination tube with a triode and power pentode, sort of like a 7199. The triode specs look similar to a 12AX7, and the pentode resembles an EL84. I'm contemplating either a vox-ish design or a practice run of the 5E3 circuit (with different output stage, naturally). If anyone has wisdom to add about the 6EU7 or 6GW8 tubes, this amp, or this project in general, I'd greatly appreciate it. I've been reading with interest the articles about the marshall 'popular' (I think) amp using 6GW8's, by the way.  
Thanks, all!

Marc D. Hiatt:Check this... -- 2/14/2001 12:51 AM