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2/13/2001 5:22 PM
IMHO, the Yamaha DG amps (DG80;DG212) kills every other modelling amp. I owned the DG-1000 for a while, but generally find with modelling amps:  
-they do the clean combo amps pretty well (VOX AC30, Champ, etc.).  
- they are all VERY 'glassy' sounding.  
-distorted sound are very compressed and 'generic'.  
-when used in a band environment you will find that your sound gets swamped very easily. My other guitar player uses a 30W Traynor combo while I used a 500W Mosvalve with the DG-1000; he cuts through WAY better both on stage and throught the front-of-house big time.  
-alias distortion on thick distorted patches will eventually drive you nuts.  
-you will eventually tire of the 'sound' (or lack of it) from modelling amps; I know I did. I was always trying to dial 'something' out of the DG-1000 for months. I hooked up to my JCM800 head and didn't even have to try to get the 'missing element' that I simply couldn't get out of the 1000. IMy friend has a Line6 AX2 and I find the same problems mentioned above with this amp too.  
-you will notice these problems more when you really crank the modelling amps. A thick, distorted lead tone cranked up on these things really, really hurts my ears due to the alias distortions which becomes very apparent when cranked. The glassy qualities will show up when cranked big time too. You cannot dial out the crud.  
I have owned over the years several tube preamps as well as the modelling preamp. I am currently using a Tech-21 PSA-1 solid state amp simulator and am WAY happier with that over any modelling amp, and I like it better than most tube preamps. It is far more 'tube' sounding than the modelling amps IMHO, and the fact that it sounds consistent (meaning, not at the mercy of questionable, pricey tubes) is a big win for me. In some ways, I like it better than tube amp.  
In short, if you want versatility, compactness, and portability at a very reasonable price, you want a modelling amp if you can hack their sound.  

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