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2/13/2001 4:38 PM
My suggestion is, go to a music store that has a variety of amps, and play, play and play some more.... try both digital amps, and try some tube amps, and try regular solid state amps (the Peavey TransTubes dont' sound that bad,actually)... THEN let your ears/wallet decide what you will get. Sure, tube amps sound better yadda yadda yadda... BUT if you are ina a band that is doing Limp Bizkit stuff one song, classic rock another, country the next song, jazz another etc... then one tube amp may not fit the bill, you would need more than one amp, which if you want a bunch of 'close enough' tones, then you may want digital. BUT the thing to use is yoru ears, what one person may think etc shouldnt matter. With that being said, I've played Johnson amps, Line6, Crate and Peavey modeling amps (the peavey is in a clas of its' own-- it's all analog circuitry is different),  
Line 6 -- best,most authentic sound and feel of any, a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10 for use and configuration.  
Johnson -- down a notch or 2 for tone, not as many useful tones for me (all high gain stuff or clean, no plexi/jtm45 type tones available), configuration and use is about the same as the line6  
Crate -- one notch down in configurationsand use from the other 2, and the tone was pitiful at best. No matter what I did, I could not get a good tone out of the amps at all  
Peavey -- although didnt emulate the tones as well as the line 6, they were better than the johnson, and the feel was much more tube-like. The configuration, and use for these was by far the bst -- the knobs werient the typical pots,, they were rotary encoders, and had LED's all around the knobs to show what each programps knob position was... VERY cool feature... and the footswitch made SENSE in how it worked..  
As for Tech21, I'veonly used a sansamp, and to me, at best it was a so-so fuzzbox at best

Rebel420 ahh one thing i forgot to mention, ... -- 2/13/2001 4:44 PM
aron Good point.I though... -- 2/13/2001 7:43 PM