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2/13/2001 3:34 PM
Of course, as you've probably heard a million times, there is no substitute for real tube amp warmth, response, harmonics, and TONE! I have to admit I do own a Line6 AxSys212. It is, IMHO, by far the best MODELING amp available. Not the best amp, though.  
This company started with this product, and have done their research pretty well. I do have the ORIGINAL version of this amp, and not  
the upgraded Ax2 version, which will be all you see now. It's a great amp, the tones are good enough, the effects are good enough, and it's loud enough(I've never cranked it past 10 o'clock on the volume in a live situation-ouch!). Notice I do say  
GOOD ENOUGH. If you've played with good tube amps before you get one of these--sooner or later you WILL crave a tube amp. You will eventually end up spending more money on a tube amp, and probably a good effect or two.  
I will probably never get rid of this thing, no matter what tube amp I buy next! I am looking forward to getting an upgrade to the AX2 version as soon as possible! It's got a Dumble model on it which sounds good to my ears, even though it doesn't hold a candle to a REAL DUMBLE! This amp is great for a working musician, and it simplifies your rig very well.  
I am about to buy a handmade, expensive,  
boutique tube amp. This Line 6 will make you spend more money down the road than ever before  
because you will want a well-made tube amp after having this for a while!  
The bottom line--tube amps will make you happier tone-wise. Nothing beats a good sounding tube amp. The Line 6 AX2 212 is good enough and will do the job for you. BUT, there is NO substitute for  
real tubes. I've used them both...  
I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any  
questions about my Line6...