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Re: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?

2/13/2001 3:08 PM
Re: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?
Yes, it is hard to discuss tone by the written word!  
Still, IMHO, for a true blues tone, EL84s just don't cut it! Ha ha...  
Don't get me wrong, I actually build a custom 2xEL84 and 4xEL84 amp and I love it!! But they are serious rockin' dog type of amps.  
I've worked on MANY Orange amps and a few Matchless amps too... but neither are "blues" amps, in my opinion.  
I think you have just found a niche that you feel inpired by and that's what really counts!  

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