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Re: Jimmy Page & his Supro

2/12/2001 9:05 PM
John Kelley Brown
Re: Jimmy Page & his Supro
It was more like a 20 to 30 watt with PP 6L6. You are hearing the beegeezus saturated out of an underated output transformer. From my research and reading a lot of threads, (though I still may have it wrong), I've had it narrowed down to either the "Thunderbolt" or the "Trojan", same circuit but single 15" and 12" speakers respectivley. Years ago I played a Tele through a Trojan and nailed that tone exactly. I'd love to buy one but never seen one for sale. These are not the Supros with the knobs on top, these have a chassis with a large skyblue faceplate with a big gold thunderbolt on front. If you find one, let me know so I can buy it before you do. ;-)  

Rebel420 is this what you mean? -- 2/12/2001 9:15 PM