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Right... and Wrong

2/12/2001 4:43 PM
Gil Ayan
Right... and Wrong
On 2/11/2001 4:44 PM, Bruce said:  
[QUOTE]Hmmm, correct me if I'm wrong but, .... an 820K and .001uF cap in parallel to ground would have a resonant frquency of about 194Hz and would pass a lot of freqs above that to ground making it a low pass filter, wouldn't it?  
The number is right, as is the HPF description. However, no RC circuit has a "resonant" frequency. For there to be a resonant frequency you need, for example, an LC pair. Such a system will oscillate sinusoidally by itself (if externally excited), not so an RC circuit.  

Bruce I think you corrected me on that re... -- 2/13/2001 4:31 AM