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Re: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?

2/10/2001 7:35 PM
Re: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?
Not to sound too callous, but I love a good argument. Please read the post again. The "lively" harmonics" passage dealt only with the possibility of pure class A, not an Alessandro or any other amp for that matter. I just said that pure class A may not be as livley as our usual class AB cathode biased amps. Anyway, for what it's worth, I like the sound of the Trainwreck Rocket more than ANY other EL-84 cathode biased amp anywhere. Second in line is my own EL-84 amp. Third would be an AC-30 in tip top shape or a Trainwreck Liverpool. Next, probably the Dr. Z and Matchless amps. Lastly would, in fact be the Alessandro. Incredible amp, but not my cup of tea. I was never really inspired enough by Goerge's amps to buy one. I feel that George's signature tone is not for me. It is too pretty for my tastes. Quick question for you: Which is your favorite?  
Jason C. Arthur

Bob D Jason, I tried to get a Rocket but ... -- 2/10/2001 10:24 PM