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Re: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?

2/10/2001 3:04 PM
Bob dRe: Has there ever been a REAL Class A EL84 pp amp?
Im not the one that wrote pure class A runs up to 250 VDC plate voltage, alessandro is pure class A and pure class A can sound extremely clean but without some of the lively harmonics we associate with Voxes, Matchless and Trainwrecks. That sounds to me like alessandro doesent have the lively harmonics (being class A) like voxes and Matchless. Thats where I totally disagree. I've owned them all (not the wrecks) and they have all been sold, except for the alessandro. I'm now certain you diden't mean any harm but the way I read the post was how I responded to it.  

Jason Bob,Not to sound to... -- 2/10/2001 7:35 PM