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Re: Champ bass response & reverb

2/7/2001 11:05 PM
Re: Champ bass response & reverb
Hi Tim:  
I like to use a 2x12 cabinet with 8ohm speakers wired in parallel to get the 4ohm load needed by the VC. For surprising bass from such a small amp a closed back cab is good. As long as the load is close to 4ohms it does not stress the amp any more than the 8inch speaker. You can even rewire a 16ohm 4x12 to 4ohms and it is awesome.  
I just disconnect the built-in speaker when using the bigger cab, to me the 8inch one is just for portability and convenience, there is no way any 8inch in the open back cabinet will ever satisfy someone who wants lots of bass. A car stereo subwoofer will seem to give more bass, but there will be no bite at all and they are inefficient and lousy sounding.  
If you are accustomed to reverb, it may take a bit of patience & practice, then you might eventually be able to get by without it. Practice on the VC to this point, then select an outstanding bigger BF or SF Fender and with less reverb than you would have previously used you will sound better than ever. It really makes you feel like you have gotten better overnight, of course its an illusion if you consider the effort it requires practicing, but realistically the Champ is a *practice* amp so that is what it is ideally suited for.  
I am not up-to-date about reverb pedals but I like to use a Space Echo with its spring reverb also for noticable effect, still the amp sounds better to me just plugging the guitar straight in.  
Another option is to get some reverberation by using a hollow body arch-top guitar, the depth of tone can be interesting enough to where you don't miss the real electronic reverb.  
Hope this helps some,  

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