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6L6's and 6SN7's. Good match?

2/7/2001 7:22 PM
Chris B
6L6's and 6SN7's. Good match?
I'm thinking of building a tube bass amp. I have a Bassman 2 ohm OT, two 6L6's, and two 6SN7's. I think that I want to use the 6SN7's because their bass response in my home built Champ was awesome! Does anyone know of a schematic for a bass amp that uses these tubes together?  
I'm thinking of using the Fender Bassman's schematic for the power tubes, and coming up with my own schematic for the preamp, something like using one of the 6SN7's for a long-tail PI, and the other 6SN7's triodes chained together followed by a bass/ middle/ treble tone stack. Would a 300V, 300mA PT work OK?  
Awaiting your advice, Thanks!  
Chris B

Woody C Chris,I have an amp... -- 2/7/2001 9:37 PM