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Re: Pots for tone stacks

1/31/2001 7:43 PM
Re: Pots for tone stacks
Hey Guys!  
FYI --I have a source for all of your potentiometer needs. Log on to and look under the potentiometer selection found there. New Sensor carries CTS potentiometers which use American size bushings and mounting hardware and in ALL values used in older Fender amps. They also offer Alpha pots with metric size hardware in values that they do not carry in CTS. For example, the famed 25K midrange pot and the dual 1 Meg Log pot as used in some vintage Marshall master volume circuits. Also, they carry the dual 100K linear pot for the Trainwreck-style master volume circuit originally published in the Angela Instruments catalog [as reprinted in Gerald Weber's "A Desktop Reference of Hip Vintage Guitar Amps" page 194].  
Also in this book is the vintage Marshall master volume circuit diagram that ultilises the dual 1 Meg audio taper pot [shown on page 193]. Personally, I don't like the use of resistors jumped across a potentiometer to change its value because it splits the signal path. Hope this information helps you on your tone stack quest!  
Kenfucius asks whether anyone out there has experimented with conductive plastic versus carbon potentiometers?

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