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Re: 6Sx Update

1/30/2001 11:52 PM
Joe L
Re: 6Sx Update
First off, many thanks for posting Sean. You have got a bunch of rabid fans of your amps that hang around this bbs and I don't think I've ever seen a negative comment referring to your amps or tech support.  
"I can't tell you how many times I have had to explain to a customer that is overjoyed with his new purchase of a Soldano prototype that he has been ripped off."
I've never heard of anyone here at Ampage that even hinted at making a forgery for sale. The "clone" problems you guys are dealing with are just not originating from here.  
"What we do care about is the use of our name and our product name. "
So do you object specifically to someone saying "My Soldano SLO copy that I built hums, can anyone help?". That is a typical thread that you might see on this bbs.  
"Also, do yourselves a favor: if you notice someone talking about builing clones tell them to knock it off. It hurts all of us!"
If you mean someone building SLO clones to sell, no problem, that would be illegal and most people here realize that fact. All bets are off if someone is building one for personal use.  
As an aside, about a year ago I spoke to you about my plans for building "one of these amps". You told me that only one "large" amp builder had a problem with that and that you guys have even provided info to Mesa when they were designing their Dual Rectifier series which were heavily based on the SLO lead channel. When anyone asked about whether you guys would get pissed off if we built amps based on your circuits, I said that I had talked to you and that you guys were cool about it. We have yet to hear from mister "Humble" even though a lot of the same type of activities have taken place. Yet here you are urging us to not build clones...  
Ironic... isn't it?  
BTW, your amps f*$%ing ROCK!  
..Joe L