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Re: Lots of them for sale

1/30/2001 6:40 AM
Steve Snider
Re: Lots of them for sale
That's hilarious!!!! Judge the quality of an amp by pictures of the guts. Nothing to do with floor noise, tone, depth, flexibility,features, just show me that neat wiring and those quality audiophile components and I will show you a great amp????? Hardly!!!  
I am not afraid of Ampagers opinions Mike. I have played Dumbles, Trainwrecks, Komets, owned Apollo, Guytrons, Bogners,Egnaters,Old Marshalls, New Marshalls, Old Voxes, Dr Z, Bruno Super 100, played and owned many more vintage and bootique amps. I have played amps by the most respected builders and have heard almost everything out there. If Two Rock is a less than quality product, where does that put everyone else. I compare amps every day, I do it with crowds or by myself. I don't just compare the TR but demo my Diezel and others as well. I bought an amp made by one of the respected builders here and ended up selling it to a bay area guitarist who sought the RF Dumble tones. He brought the amp back two months later to compare the Two Rock to the amp that I sold him. He was so blown away that he offered to trade the amp back plus a large sum of cash becuase the tones were much better to him. I am not alone in this and I have seen it plenty just as Sean C. has. If you and others think the TR is an awful amp where does that put eveyone else in the food chain. I am not saying that everyone loves the amp or any amp but to dog these guys makes no sense. My friend has an early Vox AC15 a Marshall JTM45 and a good old early 18 watt 2X12 marshall. Its all up for sale in hopes that some of it can finance his Two Rock. Why??? Because the amp sounds amazing. Again everything that is done to these things effects tone and I am not a tech so I judge by my ears and reliability, both are there in the Two Rocks so I percieve them as being great amps.  
My ears,the guys who traded me their shivas, guys who sold their Dumbles after hearing these are all people who think K&M makes a high quality product .  
If you have doubts and are willing, I am willing to organize a bay area amp shootout to have Steve A and anyone else from ampage, all the clones that you guys can find, select your top three and we can do an extensive four or five amp shootout with a panel of Judges and  
video etc. It would give a good idea of where other amps rate if the Two Rock is truly less than a high quality product. Its about tone Mike and Two Rock is doing a damn good job.  

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