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It takes all kinds . . .

1/26/2001 9:36 PM
It takes all kinds . . .
I guess there's room in the amp world for a huge variety, probably best to choose carefully whether you are going to want cheap or expensive, established manufacturer or new organization, new or used, whatever.  
Builder's philosophy should agree with the player's for ideal results, that's probably worth finding out in some detail if the amp represents a considerable expense to a buyer who could possibly be subject to remorse later.  
When I see an amp in a music store I sometimes wonder what it looks like on the inside myself. I've been soldering for decades, sometimes on instruments lots more expensive than the average home, and have now gotten a pretty good idea about reliability and pride in assembly from overall appearance of the handiwork. Looking at the pictures posted in this thread I wonder what the amp in question looks like from the outside :)  
Seems like some ideas of superior construction include attention to every detail, even including the cosmetic appearance inside the chassis. Others apply more cosmetic effort to the outside than the inside, while I'm sure some are better inside than they look outside. Does it really have the same significance to every player that either type of uneven balance of cosmetic appearance might be deceptive in different ways? I think not and would expect those who have a wide variety of amps to choose from would select one that most meets their personal desires.  
None of this has to do with tone or reliability though which are my only consideration, but with some amps tone matters not.  
I would assume some of the showpiece large stage prop amps that look so impressive but have no electronics or speakers inside the cabinets have actually cost more than a *boutique* amp or two discussed here occasionally . . .