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Re: EL34/6CA7 for 50W Super Lead

1/21/2001 2:14 AM
Dai Hirokawa
Re: EL34/6CA7 for 50W Super Lead
I think the Ei(Yugo) 6CA7 is a beam type. And their "KT77" or "EL34" also(whatever they are marking them w/also looked like a beam tube). I've seen a Ei 6CA7 and Ei KT77 side by side, and the KT77 had a skinnier bottle, full base, and a nipple on top. Have never tried these in my Marshall, however. I think Sovtek used to offer a 6CA7 which sort of looked like a "fat bottle" American 6CA7. The ones I saw looked pretty sloppily built, though(a small rectangular piece that should have been punched out of the plate was still dangling on("hanging chad"? Oh no!).  
p.s. I personally like Svetlana EL34s in my Marshall. Good cost/performance.  
Dai Hirokawa