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Re: Mesa V-Twin HELP

1/21/2001 2:02 AM
Steve A.
Re: Mesa V-Twin HELP
    You might want to pass on this one because they can often be found on-line for ~$200 used. The double-sided circuit board is jam packed with components and not the easiest thing to work on. Looking at the schematic I have a hunch that it cooked the 1:18 step-up transformer.  
    If it comes with the correct power supply I'd say that it might be worth $50; if the power supply is missing then I'd offer $25 for it. (The case alone is way cool.)  
    The sound is a matter of preference; I like the clean and blues channels but the solo channel is a bit over the top...  
Steve Ahola

Lee Thanks Steve!You-Da... -- 1/21/2001 2:07 AM