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Re: How many watts needed.

1/11/2001 10:19 PM
Re: How many watts needed.
I've got tube everything, but for gigs I use a 6sn7 preamp feeding a solid state Crown ce2000 and 3x 15's and a 18.  
The ce is two channels of 400w into 8 ohms, bulletproof, cheap and available for 650 or 700 US. Yes I can tell the difference between it and the pair of 6550's I use for practice, but I think you'd have to be a real pro to afford to use tubes on the road to generate 400 watts.  
IMO the surface area of the speaker is more imortant than the watts, by far.  

noah Putting a bass rig together is more... -- 1/12/2001 2:47 AM