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Re: Backlighting and CRATE

1/8/2001 2:53 AM
Sean Weatherford
Re: Backlighting and CRATE
The Hughes and Kettner Duotone actually has a plexiglass panel which is side lit by a three(?) flourescent bulbs which are only available through the factory.  
The only Blue voodoo I was able to inspect had either a chrome finish or a mirror on the back to accentuate the glow. Still sounded like a chainsaw though.  
I have a homebrew head I'm planning to put 4 watt red and green christmas lamps in to indicate channel switching. I hope it will be extremely cool looking like your amp.  
P.S. Is your brother the Tim Gagan who converted and old Acoustic amp to take EL-34's and had fuse problems? If so, how did it work out?  
Sean Weatherford  
Central, SC

Tim Gagan Yeah, Sean, that's me. You have a g... -- 1/8/2001 3:46 AM