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Old hacked up Eico HF-20 = Guitar Amp?

12/31/2000 9:47 PM
Old hacked up Eico HF-20 = Guitar Amp?
I have an old Eico HF-20 I found in a junk shop a couple of years ago. Everything is gone except the chassis and components. Extra tube was put in the preamp for a mic (6AU6?) and extra crude aluminum plates were stuck here and there for some input and output jacks. The thing came with a 5Y3 Phillips rectifier tube instead of the 5U4 that's supposed to be there. I cranked it up once and was surprised at the grind, but I don't know how much was preamp or output distortion. The old skinny AC wire and everything else that's old on it makes me a bit nervous, so I haven't had it up in a while.  
Soooo, try rebuilding it for original purpose (in which case I would have to find another one - are these hard to find?) or try turning it into a guitar amp of some sort. Any ideas? Thanks.  

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