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Re: 50 Watt plexi

12/29/2000 2:29 PM
Re: 50 Watt plexi
Looks great!!! Those RCA 6CA7's were a nice find... they are actually made by Sylvania, and are the coveted RCA 6ca7's (can we say eddie's brown sound anyone??) Can't wait to hear sound clips of it.. I know how the OEI OT's sound with Mullards and Svetlanas... REALLY curious to hear it with the 6ca7's! (Funny, how the 6ca7's are basically a toned down 6550, but sound nothing like a 6550!) . Anyways, enough rambling... good job man!

Bryan James yeah it was a nice lucky fine, no o... -- 12/29/2000 3:42 PM