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6CG7's as power tubes

12/29/2000 3:45 AM
Chris B
6CG7's as power tubes
I had an idea about using two 6CG7's as power tubes, like in the Moonlight amp schematic here on ampage. Actualy the designer used 6SN7's, but 6CG7's are pretty close, only in a 9 pin package. The idea is that there are two triodes in each tube, a total of four. I think I can wire the four triodes in a push-pull parallel configuration, like a 100 watt Marshall's output section, and use a Princeton's OT for a little amp. Will this work?  
Chris B  
PS Just thought it might be more interesting than a 2 X EL-84 amp.

Scott Swartz This should work, but here's an alt... -- 12/29/2000 4:28 PM