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Re: Solid State Rectifier vs. Tube Rectifier

12/19/2000 5:57 PM
Re: Solid State Rectifier vs. Tube Rectifier
Until recently, I thought the whole tube/ss rectification issue sounded sillly, and I kept all my rectification ss. Then, just on a lark, I tried a 5U4GB in an amp in which I had been using diodes for years, and liked the difference.  
Never forget that sag isn't the only effect at play here. Experimenting with different types of rectification is an easy way to vary the plate voltage, which can affect your tone in an entirely different manner than sag. I think we keep getting back to the same point, which is that different amps will respond to a change in rectificatoin differently, and you just need to find out for yourself what you like.