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Re: Solid State Rectifier vs. Tube Rectifier

12/18/2000 4:57 PM
Dave CharneskiRe: Solid State Rectifier vs. Tube Rectifier
In general, tube rectifier amps have a softer  
attack and more compression. However, there are  
so many other factors that can influence the  
dynamic response of an amp (which can overshadow  
the effect of the type of rectification) that I  
personally no longer pay much attention to  
what rectifier type the designer chose to  
use....unless it's rare and/or hard to find.  
A tube rectifier amp can be made to feel stiff  
and a SS rectifier amp can be made to feel squishy.  
For example, the Guytron and Bogner Shiva both  
use silicon rectification, but are both fairly  
squishy. However, the Route 66 uses tube  
rectification, but I felt it was quite  
stiff...regardless of whether I had a 5AR4 or  
5U4GB in there. Neither effect is "good" or "bad",  
just different. It all depends on what response  
you're most comfy with. Either style can sound  
Others have mentioned Twins and  
Plexis being SS rectified, and we all know what  
kind of music has been made with those tools(!),  
so I really think you need to evaluate each amp  
individually and, most importantly, in a band  
context, to see if it'll work for you.  

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