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Re: Larry Carlton's Dumble?

12/13/2000 4:25 PM
Gil AyanRe: Larry Carlton's Dumble?
Well, you like the one sound no one can help you with. :) Read the following:  
[QUOTE]"TCC: It seems like your guitars and amps on that album ("Renegade Gentleman") have more of a raw sound. Where you using the Dumble at all? ..... It seems so much more unrefined. The Dumble gets that sweet glow to it. This is like all hell breaks loose.  
LC: I had Dumble make me an amplifier for the second half of the Album. I explained to Dumble what I was looking for in terms of energy and punch with my Strat. He said you want a Steel String Singer. He brought Eric's over for me to play through before he was going to ship it to Eric (Johnson) in Texas. As soon as I played through it, I said that's it, I need that. That's what I used on a lot of the cuts we did down in Nashville."  
(20th Century Guitar, November / December 1994, page 88)
So, unless someone here has a schematic for the Steel String Singer...  

Matthew Springer SSS vs. ODS -- 12/13/2000 5:43 PM