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Selmer opinions

12/8/2000 4:24 PM
Jim W.
Selmer opinions
I'm looking at a Selmer Bassmaster 50 with matching bottom. The amp is hand wired (similar to Fender) and uses 2 EL34s. The bottom contains 2 12" Goodmans speakers (ceramic magnets). I believe the amp is the same as the later Treble-n-Bass 50 amps. The covering is the crock skin type. The owner also has a Selmer Constellation 20 combo amp that uses 2 EL84s and has 2 12" Alnico Celestion G12 speakers. Interestingly, the amp is a PCB construction. It also has a crock skin covering. I was wondering if anyone on here has any info/opinions, etc on the amps. I really don't know much about them. They both require a 115 to 230 outboard transformer to operate. I'm also interested if anyone has experience/thoughts on the value of these amps. Both amps are "truvoice" models if that means anything. Thanks. Jim W.

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