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One tube reverb circuit

12/7/2000 10:52 PM
Dave B.
One tube reverb circuit
I've noticed alot of decent sounding amps use a single dual triode (12AX7)for their reverb circuit.  
(Bedrock, Hoffman, Boogie, and others)  
I'm sure they didn't go out and have custom transformers made for this purpose, Right?  
Does everyone who builds these circuits use the standard fender reverb tranny? How does this affect tube life? Obviously the Fender reverb tranny is made for 2 12AT7 triodes in parallel. And most of the one tube reverb circuits I've seen use a single 12AX7 triode for the drive circuit.  
Any insight in this matter would be appriciated.  

Bruce I think it's been discussed but a r... -- 12/8/2000 4:25 AM